An effective patient appointment scheduling system is critical in hospitals to ensure effective and efficient service delivery whilst enhancing patient experience.

Benefits of Medireport Scheduler

  • Developed with user in mind (offering graphical drag & drop functionalities and filtering by point of interest)
  • Multi-department
  • Multi-day appointments
  • Easy setup and configuration
    • Bookings per patient, physician, procedure
    • Room, procedure, waiting lists, call lists
    • Room and bed management
    • View and procedure template configuration with one-click interface
  • Staff workflow optimisation
  • Resource optimisation
  • Patient’s preferences, for example, morning or afternoon appointments
    • Patient reminder (SMS, email) and recommendation before procedure
  • Automatic planning export to email, excel, or mobile device (ICS)
  • Interoperability with Medireport solutions and other IHE compatible systems
    • HL7 SIU, ADT, ORM management, translation from HL7 to DICOM WorkList
  • Access to patient information is secured, for example, history can only be viewed with correct permissions. 


Real-time information provides a overview of rooms and patients. Procedures can be rescheduled whilst urgent ad-hoc procedures are added with ease. Hospital and department staff can monitor the status of the procedure from anywhere within the hospital. This allows just in time transfer for patients from wards to their examination reducing needles waiting times. The security permissions give hospital and its physicians confidence that the patient data is protected and can only be viewed by relevant viewers.


Integration with Medireport KPI

The Scheduler is integrated with Medireport KPI tools that generates high-quality management and statistical information in an easy-to-use interface. 



Medireport Scheduler helps the hospital optimise its resources through efficient scheduling whilst integration with Medireport KPI provides a wealth of invaluable management statistical data, which can be used to enhance resource management, future planning and reduce operating costs whilst increasing productivity.



Founded in 1995, MediReport Company is now a European market leader providing a complete Cardio Vascular Information System (CVIS) that comprehensively integrates invasive and non invasive cardiology, clinical procedure capture, hospital record and supplier inventory management. MediReport is focused on design and development of its advanced software solutions. The functionality, specifications and utility of the system is designed, directed and tested by a panel of physicians, while the software development is performed by a team of highly skilled in house software engineers.



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