Healthcare KPI is extremely valuable in improving your performance and efficiency with real time monitoring,

tracking of adverse events, comparing your performance globally and managing your inventory, bed occupancy, procedures per day, turnover time, length of stay and more in a structural, innovative and efficient way. All the people associated with your Lab are taking profits from KPI such as physicians, nursing staff, administrative staff and patients.

What is a KPI?

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) helps you measure your success at reaching a target. This target can be an objective based on your experience, guidelines or benchmarking. Selecting a dataset of KPI creates a dynamic dashboard. This dashboard will guide you on your day to day practice.

How does Healthcare KPI work ?

MediReport is mapping any type of documented data issued by multiple sources such as Hospital Information System (HIS), modalities like Cathlab, PACS, hemodynamic station, echo machine, worklist, entries from the employees collected during/after a procedure. Anonymous data is then transferred to Healthcare KPI engine. Our online Healthcare KPI engine calculates performance indicators on its server. Present KPI values can now be compared to previous periods and benchmarked.

How confidential and secure is your Data ?

We ensure confidentiality and security of your data by using health provider server (ASIP) with a two-factor identification. Each user have access to a personal dashboard.

What can I see on your Healthcare KPI Dashboard ?

A complete dashboard provides you with a clear view of all indicators that will help you efficiently manage your Lab and enhance quality of care, patient safety and lab performance by using the target values based on benchmarking and trends in real time. They system allows you to manage inventory, bed occupancy, procedures per day, turnover time, length of Stay and more, in a structural, innovative and efficient way.

Healthcare KPI enables you to compare your site performance with other Labs around the Globe. The dashboard is fully configurable. Based on your needs, you can rearrange and define new KPIs. Depending upon your assigned login and password you will have access to a different dashboard with different KPIs, for example a physician will have access to different dashboard with different KPIs as compared to an administrative staff. HealthCare KPI as a MediReport solution, is now an integral part of New Age Labs by enhancing management in an innovative, structural and better pathway.

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Founded in 1995, MediReport Company is now a European market leader providing a complete Cardio Vascular Information System (CVIS) that comprehensively integrates invasive and non invasive cardiology, clinical procedure capture, hospital record and supplier inventory management. MediReport is focused on design and development of its advanced software solutions. The functionality, specifications and utility of the system is designed, directed and tested by a panel of physicians, while the software development is performed by a team of highly skilled in house software engineers.



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