Designed for physicians to remotely follow up patients and to be in contact with them during their recovery. Shift of the current practices towards an engaging and customized approach

  • Mobile device application for patient follow-up
  • Template dataset for multiple follow-up by patient or procedure
  • Web-based cloud database for external follow-up
  • Patient well-being increased
  • Reduced hospitalization duration and prevented re-hospitalization
  • Remote monitoring
  • Enhance Compliance
  • Long term follow-up Data collection
  • Creation of a stronger relationship




Founded in 1995, MediReport Company is now a European market leader providing a complete Cardio Vascular Information System (CVIS) that comprehensively integrates invasive and non invasive cardiology, clinical procedure capture, hospital record and supplier inventory management. MediReport is focused on design and development of its advanced software solutions. The functionality, specifications and utility of the system is designed, directed and tested by a panel of physicians, while the software development is performed by a team of highly skilled in house software engineers.



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