CardioReport is interfaced with the hospital environment and is fully IHE compliant. This complete integration eliminates manual data entry, minimises mistakes and ensures a high level of data integrity.

Interfacing in the hospital environment is a crucial task for a CVIS solution. Medireport, with more than 300 heart center clients worldwide, is a fully integrated CardioVascular Information Systems and an independent integrator of cardiology information solutions.

Goals of optimal interface

  • Reduces staff workload
  • Streamlines workflow
  • Ensures data integrity
  • Allows for valid and timely reporting
  • Promotes straightforward participation in national registries

The key systems in your environment that often require integration :

  • Patient administrative data import from the hospital information system (HIS) using the HL7 protocol (other protocols are available)
  • Data import from modality : Xray doses, haemodynamic data, echo measurement 
  • Data export for billing, purchasing department for devices ordering, report distribution
  • Interface to imaging system

CardioReport Suite is IHE compliant. Non-exhaustitive interfaces are:

  • HL7 v2.5 - v3.0: ADT, SIU, ORU, ORM, MFN, DFT, IIM
  • Proprietary format:
    • Haemo modalities (Schwartzer, Cathcor, Sensis, Syngodynamic, Maclab, Combolab, Mennen, Xpert, Cerner, …)
    • Echo modalities (Siemens, GE, Phlips, …)
    • ECG modalities
    • Pacemake Programmer Interface
    • CRM devices HL7 IDCO, XML Paceart
    • Regisitries: QERMID, CCAD NICOR, CRAC, ….
    • RFID smartcabinet (SpaceCode, …)

An extensive list can be found here.



Founded in 1995, MediReport Company is now a European market leader providing a complete Cardio Vascular Information System (CVIS) that comprehensively integrates invasive and non invasive cardiology, clinical procedure capture, hospital record and supplier inventory management. MediReport is focused on design and development of its advanced software solutions. The functionality, specifications and utility of the system is designed, directed and tested by a panel of physicians, while the software development is performed by a team of highly skilled in house software engineers.



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